• 0451 Vault - Bioshock 2 (2017)


    Highly anticipated sequel to Bioshock, also featured 451 easter egg as a code to the first secured door you can encounter, although reversed to 1540.

  • Sui's Internet Hall of Fame - Armpit Hair


  • 0451 Vault - Dishonored 2 (2016)



    Just like in first game, this one is also for the safe. This time however, it’s very possible, you can miss the safe it’s for, as it’s a bit off the way. It’s in the building on the left side of a street in the Dunwall Streets level. Code is hidden behind the painting, that you steal.

  • Tutorial - Getting Squishy ( aka: Version with Right Click teleport

    So here is a short tutorial on how to get Squishy the Suicidal Pig v Keep in mind, you will need to actually have Squishy on your Steam Account. Alright, let’s go.

    1. Make sure you have Squishy installed.
    2. Click here and allow to the command to be passed over Steam browser protocol.
    3. Paste the following command: download_depot 318430 318431 4243961756251175415
    4. Wait for Steam to notify you it has finished downloading the depot. squishy_debug.png
    5. Navigate to a folder displayed in YOUR Steam console.
    6. Copy folders bin and mac
    7. Move them to a folder where current version of Squishy is installed and override all files.

  • Sui's Internet Hall of Fame - Wolfenstein II is not a World War II Shooter


    Well, the guy is right.

  • Speedrun API Nonsense Fun (2017)

    So few weeks ago I had a bit of a fun with Speedrun API, where usually during a day I did around 10k to 30k requests, gathering all sort of pointless informations, usually with a hopes of finding really awkward leaderboards.

    Results of my work, were gathered in few different Pastebin documents, which are accessible by clicking on the corresponding links.

  • 0451 Vault - Prey (2017)



    So reboot of Prey tried in many ways be like Bioshock and System Shock and whilst it was a bit of hit and miss, it did also feature 0451 easter egg.

    Also, special shoutouts to 0451 speedrunning team and especially to CoolsVilla for providing the screenshots.

  • 0451 Vault - Dishonored (2012)


    Dishonored also features a 451 reference. This code, hidden in sewers leading out of the prision is hidden behind some whisky and opens the first safe in the game.

  • 0451 Vault - System Shock 2 (1999)


    Oddly enough, while 451 appeared first in System Shock (1994), people mostly remember it for being in Deus Ex. System Shock 2, being a sequel to System Shock obviously had to have featured it in some form. It’s a bit of a variation on the code, but it’s still good old 451. And it’s even a door code.

  • 0451 Vault - System Shock (1994)


    Probably the first instance of 451.

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